ANNOUNCING: The Flammies new Judge Marly!

Marly has just received a  message that she’s been chosen to judge The Flammies! 

The website says:

The Flamies are the Flaming Hook of Justice Awards, also known as The Crochet Awards. Created by Founder and Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front, Laurie Wheeler, the awards are a celebration of the best of what the crochet universe has to offer.

Congratulations Marly!


Lindsey Martin of Erin.Lane bags and New YARN THING Sponsor

Lindsey Martin of Erin.Lane Bags and New YARN THING Sponsor made room in her busy production time to erin.lane logo smallervisit the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird and share what’s new for 2015.

Lindsey and her Mom, Lisa, learned to knit with her aunt one Christmas. After losing needles and not finding needles cases ‘cute enough’, Lindsey convince Lisa to make on for her. She took it to her local knit night and everyone fell in love with it. At first they made them out of the kindness of their hearts but the demand made them realize very quickly that they had a business! In fact the knit group became market research.

In 2006, dad had to retire with disability, so Lisa and Lindsey began to work on the bags as a wholesale business. The aunt convinced them and MarlyNLindseysupported their adventure to Stitches South in Atlanta to sale retail the first time. Marly was a first customer there! (I love that they had a rule that only one of them could freak out at-a-time, because that first time is a giant step.) They went to Stitches Midwest, Stitches East and then Stitches West, getting feedback from people they meet at these events and others.

Lindsey says her mom was really good at matching fabrics. They often shopped at their local big box store, but they would sometimes have to venture off the beaten path, maybe all over town, to find things that looked good together. Now, she spends a lot of time online looking at several different distributors to match fabrics.

Last year, Lindsey broadened their fabrics available by working with designers. The first was Kristin Omdahland they were very popular at Stitches East this past October. Working with Spoonflower, she has also created bags for Marly Bird (!), Buffalo Wool Co., Bar-maids and Knitting Rose.

Marly’s favorite bags are the Two-fer, the Sock Bag and the XL project bags. Lindsey explained how the trial and error process for these designs, and the e-tablet cases made with adjust able magnets the same as the needle cases.  Check out the Erin.Lane Bags website, follow her on Facebook and Twitter and of course Etsy.

I found the iTunes link from when Lindsey was on the podcast in November 2013. CLICK HERE if you’d like to hear that too!

If you missed getting to hear this episode live, it is archived where it aired originally: or at iTunes

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Nicole Snow, A Darn Good Yarn

Nicole Snow, A Darn Good Yarn founder, made for the perfect FRIDAY guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird.

Nicole shared with us that her company, begun 2008, was a way for her to get her own hands on great fibers to create with, while learning to knit! A Darn Good Yarn gathers recycled fibers and offers about 90% reclaimed through their various products. Many of the fibers are collected by about 300 families and contains silk, saving it from landfills. Thus taking care of families in India, saving waste and filing regular taxes as a business all of which contribute to global economy.NicoleSnow

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