Yarn Addict Anniken Allis

Yarn Addict Anniken Allis spoke with us from the UK to the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird. Can you sense we’re about YARN here?

Anniken (or ‘Anni’ for short) says she must have learned from her mom, but says her mom doesn’t remember teaching her. She was born in Norway and they moved to England when she was about 20, currently she lives in Cornwall.  Her mom was always knitting as both of her grandmothers, so it seems it was in her blood. As a teenager, she says she didn’t like to follow patterns ~ not really consider that designing but doing her own thing. [Read more…]

How to Seam a Crochet Sweater

Xanadu Crochet Pullover by Marly Bird  is just one of the many wonderful free patterns over at RedHeart.com. This is also one of the few patterns that were actually designed by ME :-)Free Pattern and Video Tutorial for the Xanadu Crochet Pullover by Marly Bird

As you know, this sweater was one I crocheted for the magazine, Crochet Today, and is now a pattern that Red Heart posted on their website because they loved it as much as I do :-)

Designing and making sweaters are my favorite things to do, but I also like to help fellow knitters and crocheters make sweaters that they will love as well. One of the things I hear from crocheters and knitters alike is sweaters is intimidating. My goal with the Xanadu Crochet Pullover video is to help you tackle this sweater without any hesitation. Let me hold your hand and tell you how to make the sweater crocheting process easy.

Last week, I offered you a mission to make all the pieces of the sweater and then join me later when I show you how to seam a crochet sweater and how to sew on ribbing to the body of the sweater.

By this point in the sweater making process you have made all 5 parts of the sweater, Front, Back, 2 Sleeves and the Ribbing. It is time to begin seaming!

In the Marly Bird YouTube video for the Xanadu sweater I approached the tutorial differently in that I don’t actually crochet along with you.

In the Marly Bird YouTube video for the Seaming of the sweater I show you how to do it.

  • I walk you through how to prepare the pieces before you seam them.
  • I offer suggestions to help you keep the pieces lined up for a better seam.
  • I show you the slip stitch join and the mattress stitch.

This video is part of my awesome new partnership with Red Heart and I am very excited to be able to show you how to crochet one of my own patterns!

Now, you are ready to seam your sweater together.  [Read more…]

Firecracker Felted Crochet Bag

Firecracker Bag Pattern FREE at MarlyBird.com

The Firecracker Felted Crochet Bag (or purse). Let me answer your questions…

  • Yes, that is eyelash yarn;
  • Yes, that is a felted crochet bag;
  • No, I do not live in Texas :-) LOL.

The Firecracker Crochet Felted Bag is one of those patterns that I designed and turned out EXACTLY how I envision it.

I love the shape, I love the closure, I love the handles, I love, love, love the use of eyelash yarn with felted wool to create a lot of texture.

If you have never felted crochet before don’t be scared! It is super easy. Here are some fool proof instructions for how to do it.


[Read more…]