Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton

Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton called us from her shop in Mariefred, Sweden to share how much fun she’s having with Marly Bird on the Yarn Thing Podcast.

Doesn’t that look like a great place to create! This is a picture from the shop, full of lots of color and open when she’s there. (I’m telling you that in case you’d like to drop in. You’ll want to watch for her posts online before you head over there!) She does spend time back and forth from her shop there and her home in Atlanta, GA.

Corneliaprofile PicCornelia was on the Yarn Thing Podcast in June, and other earlier visits but we are so excited to hear about her new yarn line, Sister Silke. We shared the last time about her Heaven’s Hand by Hamilton Yarns, Wool Classic which is a good basic worsted weight Peruvian Shetland, Shaman -a hand spun, hand-dyed silk that is created in India by a women’s co-operative includes some variegated colors, and Silke. All of her yarns are hand dyed, a tone-on-tone. The new Sister Silke is a Mulberry silk that has great stitch definition with a suede feel. The colors are comfy as are all of her yarns.

She also likes to use Noro, Universal Yarns and recently Fiber Spates for color changes. This is apparent because MANY of her designs include wonderful flowing colors. See her designs as listed in Ravelry. You’ll find Cornelia’s designs are very Organic, according to Marly. She is one of the few women designers that has a geometric or architectural structure. They do test expectations for limits as what is possible for a knitter, which is wonderfully liberating.

She has many books available or in print, including one that features her opportunity to get to know Mr. Noro. (I love this book, it’s one of those dream knitting adventures in Non-fiction and with lots of interesting patterns!)

Cornelia has website, Hamilton Yarns, a Designer Group in Ravelry, also one for her yarns, Heaven’s Hand by Hamilton Yarns She is also on Facebook, where to can TRY to keep up with new designs, classes she’s teaching locally (perhaps near you) and any other fun things going on in Cornelia’s world.

If you missed hearing this combination of fun, creativity and wisdom, it is archived at this link: and also the iTunes link:

Free Crochet Pattern Infinity Cowl

This free crochet pattern is More Than Just An Infinity Cowl so that is the name! It uses only 2 balls of yarn for the body of the cowl and 1 more ball for the drawstring. You can create a completely different look using tone on tone yarn or variegated or several different colors. Make this project your own.

The yarn used in this free crochet pattern is Lion Brand, “Hometown USA” which comes in MANY different colors. Choose one that is right for you. This one is for my daughter who has a beautiful red winter coat and hates it when her scarf falls off on her way to school. When she saw the finished piece she reminded me of the seagulls on Finding Nemo because she kept exclaiming MINE! MINE! MINE!

Gentle reminder:  It has just come to my attention that many people are unaware that free patterns still have copyrights and it is not legal to distribute. I ask that if you like the pattern and want to tell your friends that you share the link to the pattern. By doing so you are allowing me to make a little money via advertising which in turn makes it possible for me to keep designing fun and free patterns.

Thanks so much!

*Disclaimer: this post includes affiliate links**

More Than Just An Infinity Cowl Free Pattern at

Click on image to enlarge

More Than Just An Infinity Cowl Free Pattern at

Click on image to enlarge


More Than Just An Infinity Cowl



Body of piece: 26 1/2″ long (folded in half) and 6″ wide.


The yarn used for this project is a Super Bulky (CYC size 6)

Lion Brand, “Hometown USA” (100% acrylic, 81 yds/142g). (Use this link for 20% discount!) in color Cincinnati Red and Detroit Blue.


M/ 9.o mm)


Stitches Used (and YouTube Video links to help you learn)



Chain 15 (13 base chains + 2 turning chains).

Set Up Row 1: Exsc in 3rd ch from hook (2 skipped chains do not count as a stitch), sk 2 ch, 5 exdc in next chain (shell), sk 2 ch, exsc in next ch, sk 2 ch, 5 exdc in next chain (shell), sk 2 ch, exsc in next ch, turn.

Row 1: Ch 5, exsc in 3rd exdc of shell, ch 2, exsc in next exsc, ch 2, exsc in next 3rd exdc of shell, ch 2, exsc in exsc, turn.

Row 2: Ch 2, exsc in first exsc, shell in next exsc, exsc in next exsc, shell in next exsc, exsc in 3rd ch of turning chain, turn.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 twenty three times more ending with a row 2. Do NOT fasten off.


With wrong sides together join the working edge to the foundation chain edge as follows:

Ch 2, slip stitch into the corresponding chain of the foundation chain, ch 2, sc into 3rd exdc of shell in working edge, ch 1, slip stitch into corresponding chain of the foundation chain, ch 2, sc into exsc in working edge, ch 1, slip stitch into the corresponding chain of the foundation chain, ch 2, sc into 3rd exdc of shell in working edge, ch 1, slip stitch into corresponding chain of the foundation chain, ch 2, sc into exsc in working edge, ch 1, slip stitch into the corresponding chain of the foundation chain. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

More Than Just An Infinity Cowl Free Pattern at

Click on image to enlarge

Extra Bits!

Sometimes a plain infinity cowl just will not do and you want a little bit more to it. By adding  a couple drawstrings to the body of the piece you can get not only a cowl but a cute off  shoulder warmer (some might call it a mini shrug or capelet)he free crochet pattern More Than Just An Infinity Cowl

Drawstring with Pom Pom’s (make two)

Ch 111. Fasten off

Weave the slip stitched chain through the pattern stitch on the cowl so that when the ends are pulled it will synch up like a drawstring.

Once the chain is in place, add a pom pom the ends of the chain.

Tip: I used the tails of the chain as the center knot on the pom pom to make it a no sew join!

Not sure what I mean about using the tails of the chain as the center knot. Here are some pictures to help.

More Than Just An Infinity Cowl Free Pattern at

Click on image to enlarge

1: Using a pom pom maker wrap the yarn of choice around. Make note of how many layers you wrap so each pom pom can be the same size.

2: Using sharp scissors cut the center of the pom pom.

3: Use the tail of the drawstring to secure the center knot of the pom pom.

4: I chose to knot mine several times to make sure it would not come undone.

5: You now have a cute pom pom that is already attached to the drawstring so you don’t have to sew anything!

Repeat this process for all the drawstring tails. You could totally use a different color yarn for the pom pom for a different look.

Here is a video I did to help you make a pom pom with the clover pom pom maker incase you have never done it before

One Skein or Less Projects by Marly Bird. Let them know I sent you (affiliate link):

I love making quick projects and even wrote a leaflet with Leisure Arts on how to do some fun things! If you too are looking for fun and quick projects go and check out the One Skein or Less book by Marly Bird.



Written pattern copyright Marly Bird Designs, a division of Yarnsports LLC (c) 2014.
Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others.
If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern that is permitted.

Pom Pom Maker, Small by Clover

Click Here to purchase a small Clover PomPom Maker

Shannon Okey on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird

Shannon Okey on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird has become the new knitting fan girl experience, I think.

She says she didn’t learn to knit like the rest of us, as a pre-schooler at the knee of a parent or grandparent. (That didn’t happen to me either…) The family is artistic and she learned other things. As an adult and moving to Boston, in boredom went to a yarn store in Cambridge and stated she wanted to knit a cardigan. While she’s working on it ‘got REALLY into knitting’, she started blogging about it as that was the new cool thing to do at that time. Debbie Stoller’s ‘Stitch N Bitch’ book was really taking off at that time and publishers were desperate for the next one, and she wrote a book for ‘tweens (which I think was ‘Knitgrrl: Learn to Knit with 15 Fun and Funky Projects’ published in 2005) and in a short period of time she wrote about a dozen books for many different publishers. What a learning experience that was!Cooperative Press Logo

COOPERATIVE PRESS came about after she started looking at the math of a book publication and thought she could do it on her own. She began with The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwar Design and has 40 publications in it’s repertoire including the recent ‘Kung Fu Knits’ by Elizabeth Green Musselman that we heard about recently when Elizabeth was on during on Podcaster November. (They were mentioned in the chatroom but not by Marly & Shannon, the popular Madame DeFarge books are in that list…. Just check out the list on the Cooperative Press website, the list has some incredibly popular titles you may have heard of lately!)

Shannon says she finds that fiber people are the earlier adopters of technology, in downloading patterns and books, and it’s really driven small business. (She shared the current VAT tax issue that has been a hot topic lately. This blog post by Ysolda Teague was discussed.) Cooperative Press has kept track of digital verses print publications, and looking for ways that customers can save money on purchases, especially the shipping costs, the benefits of ‘Print On-Demand’ ~ especially when a mistake is discovered (‘It happens…’), fixing errata. She sees it as a good thing that the book is available to everyone every where as digital, immediately. Instant gratification is powerful!

She understands that is why pattern sales in Ravelry works. That is also why her magazine Knit Edge is solely digital and she’s considering a craft magazine, knitwear designer trade magazine and on and on. The possibilities are infinite for Shannon Okey and Cooperative Press.

As a side note and JUST FOR FUN! Shannon still does some designing, check out her list in Ravelry. What’s currently ‘On Her Needles’ is her ‘Frozen’ project, of Icelandic Inspired Patterns. She has put out a FREE pattern, and a challenge to DO WHAT YOU WANT with it. This will conclude with voting and prize money.

Another project coming up is Wool Mercantile will offer limited edition runs of specialty fiber things. You can subscribed to that and stay tuned for what’s happening in that.

This has been a lot of links, but I want to include Shannon’s previous visit (link from iTunes):

If you missed hearing the show live, this link in the archive is available: and the iTunes link is also up:

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