Crochet Expert and Author Kim Guzman


Kim Guzman, aka Crochet Kim

Crochet Expert and Author Kim Guzman was one of the earliest guests on the Yarn Thing with Marly Bird Podcast so it’s a special time to reconnect and get caught up with Kim again!


Kim Guzman’s Stockinette Felted Hat

Grandma taught her to crochet granny squares (no pun intended) which was not what Kim wanted to learn to make at age 8. She was inspired to take up crocheting the beautiful doilies around Grandma’s house. In 1998, she joined a group online and started submitting patterns. At that point she started her website also. She followed Carol Alexander (now editor of Crochet World magazine) and Brenda Stratton’s encouragement and personally followed them around a trade show and watched them submit work to Annie’s Attic and Coats & Clark. One of her submissions went to Annie’s Attic which was Christmas Tree skirts of thread, which turned into (surprisingly to her) a book, which has become twelve books with them.

She is really inspired by Tunisian crochet. She finds it can look like knitting or crochet or weaving…. and everything a person could do with any of those, could do it with tunisian crochet. She loves felting with her Tunisian crochet fabric. Her Stockinette Felted Hat ( demonstrates how well it works up as a fabric. Her newest with Annies Attic is Learn Double Ended Tunisian Crochet which uses the needles that have a crochet hook at both ends. 

She has classes with Crochetville and a video channel on YouTube as well as Annies Attic. Her philosphy is that she just wants to make pretty things and she wants to teach others to make pretty things, too.

Kim Guzman’s website is:, but you can find her on Twitter and Facebook, too, where she posts not just about her crochet adventures, but also about her garden and cooking.

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What is Marly Bird Doing These Days

What is Marly Bird Doing These Days became the theme when today’s guest was unavailable. Marly let me (Tammy) call in and just dip my toes in ‘Marly World’.

Marly and Tammy recently at Stitches Midwest (Marly's picture)

Marly and Tammy recently at Stitches Midwest (Marly’s picture)

I got to ask her, because people do wonder and sometimes they will ask me: What is Marly working on these days?

Marly has been super inspired by Outlander and the simple designs seen in the program. Working with the colorways from Bijou Basin Ranch and the natural textures of Green Mountains Spinnery have given her lots of creative ideas. I mentioned that her recently published Nottingham Sweater was created in Green Mountain Spinnery yarns and was a well received design. She also used their yarn for her men’s saddle-shoulder design Cobalt Cables

We got a little distracted in stories of ‘how to quit smoking’….

There was a big secret Marly has coming up, I won’t post here, but listeners have something to look forward to it…..

In the meantime, Marly has recently spent a lot of time filming segments for her YouTube video channel. We think that you will want to subscribe to the channel, even though there hasn’t been any videos posted yet. We find that subscribers are the first to know when videos are posted and that you will want to be the first to know when her videos are posted too. This is the link in YouTube for Marly’s Channel.


This is Tammy’s Marly Bird Bag (which promises to be the premier edition of more to come!) from Erin Lane bags. The project currently inside it is Marly’s pattern Wildberry Wrap, single crochet entrelac.

We spoke about upcoming guests we are looking forward to: Marly mentioned Joji Knits who has a wonderful website. She will be calling in from Argentina on September 9th. Marly and I are tickled that Pepperberry Knits be on the show September 4th, because they are local to me, but Marly attempted to get to know them at TNNA and their booth was packed!  Marly would like to have The Plucky Knitter, Fresh from the CauldronI admired how busy the Verdant Gryphon booth was at Stitches Midwest, and we both loved Miss Babs and their booth was always popular also!

PennyWe LOVE Erin Lane Bags!  This is my bag I purchased (limited edition) at Stitches Midwest and we are also excited about Kristin Omdahl fabrics in the Erin Lane Bags.

Marly has had several patterns published and pieces in upcoming issues of Love of Crochet and Love of Knitting magazines, under the F + W house now. Prime Publishing is another group that Marly is looking forward to learning from.
We also shared Marly’s recent family addition, Penny.  Gotta love the Rescue Dogs!

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Slipped Stitch Studios Project Bags

Slipped Stitch Studios Project Bags, owner Laura Lundy met Marly on a plane trip (to Ohio for a TNNA event) have a chance to visit and allow us to eavesdrop on their ‘catching up’.

Laura Lundy of Slipped Stitch Studios

Laura Lundy of Slipped Stitch Studios

Laura learned to knit when she and a co-worker dropped in at a learn to knit class at a yarn store.  The instructor’s critique of her knitting style really spurred her to be a success at the new skill. That was about 10 years ago. In the following years she has become a mommy to two kids and begun her business, Slipped Stitch Studios (website: SlippedStitchStudios2 Last fall, she learn to sew. As she studied her project bags and realizing what she liked and didn’t like so much, she began creating new bags that she could market.

She has worked hard to have a new bag each year for Madrona and Stitches West. Slipped Stitch Studios creates new bags and buttons each month. Pattern Wallets has become a favorite product for herself and crafters alike. Marly’s favorite and Laura’s most popular product are the two skein bags (link to the product page: Bag of the Month (or BOM as referred to in the Ravelry group (link to the group: has also been a popular way to collect per a favorite genre. It began with Dr. Who, and has progressed to Alice in Wonderland (the current one) through Jane Austen and a zombie version of Jane Eyre. (Some of them can be seen in the Hall of Fame: Each collection includes all kinds of fun things like stitch markers and tool tins, perhaps a skein of yarn in a matching colorway. Some items can be purchased as add-ons, but there are items that are tossed in as a ‘Surprise’. All given a great deal of thought and possibly put together by hand in very unconventional ways….

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Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns

Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns was our Guest on Yarn Thing with Marly Bird, and got everyone in the live chat room got all drooly over her yarn colors!

FeliciaLoFelicia called in from her home in Vancouver, British Columbia. She reminisced with us that she began to knit in grade school and actually sent away for a pamphlet to learn how. When her family went shopping, she would head to a discount department store that had yarn in and admire the needles. She knit her first sweater the year before high school of acrylic (still has it!). Made transition into sewing while in high school and didn’t pick up knitting again until a friend announced she was going to have a baby. Visiting Urban Yarns (Local Yarn Store in that area) and finding all the special yarns, and then Knit-a-Longs….

Felicia starting writing her blog almost ten years ago, in 2004. The next year she discovered spinning, started with a drop spindle and then bought a spinning wheel. At the time, the fiber for spinning available to her was natural white, so she made the next step to dying her yarns, all the while blogging about her experiences. The bright colors of Kool-aid dying to acid dying as made Sweet Georgia Yarns an attractive product! SweetGA

The Sweet Georgia Website is: DON’T FORGET THE YARN IN THERE! The yarn bases that are chosen with a lot of thought put into how it will wear after you’ve spent all the time to create your garment. However, even in the same pot, yarns will absorb the dye differently. They skeins can be broken up by alternating (Felicia is currently alternating four skeins in a project) but the variations create a unique piece that defines hand-crafting.

The palette of colors below is a sample of the variety available as fiber to spin into sock yarn! CLICK HERE to check out the Sweet Georgia Yarns Panda line. (Chosen to only to demonstrate, you MUST go to the website to see all the lines which are so beautiful!)

SGYarns2Patterns are offered through the website for us to see what Sweet Georgia Yarns can do, but are not automatically chosen or included when you purchase the yarn, because Felicia wants to see what you’ll create! There have been designers working with them and they have a new e-book coming out in the fall. There are also Yarn Clubs, currently Sweet Georgia Yarns is accepting Memberships in the Sock Yarn Club (that’s the link) and there will be a Lace Club which closes December 31st.

Craftsy has a class offering for you with Felicia Lo called Spinning Dyed Fibers and have given a code to Marly for her listeners. As a sponsor of the Yarn Thing podcast, using this code shows Craftsy they picked the RIGHT podcast to support!

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Lace Knitting Expert Anna Dalvi (Mystery Knit Alongs)


Anna Dalvi’s first published book SHAPING SHAWLS was published by Cooperative Press in 2011

Anna Dalvi, Author and Designer

Anna Dalvi

Lace Knitting Expert Anna Dalvi (Mystery Knit Alongs) today’s guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird takes Mystery and Lace knitting and mixes it just so.

Just home from Sweden (Marly just wrapped up Stitches Midwest, so they are both a bit jet-lagged) called in from Ottawa. She began knitting when very young and enjoyed it as a teenager. In her 30′s, her daughter asked her to teach her when she realized her bus driver was a knitter.  Daughter made a scarf, Mom made an afghan and found it fueled her to create more.

Mystic Waters was Anna Dalvi's first design for her  popular Mystery Knit-a-Long.

Mystic Waters: Anna Dalvi’s first design for her popular Mystery Knit-a-Longs

She was invited to a Mystery Knit-a-Long (or MKAL) back in 2007 in a Yahoo Group (before she became a member of Ravelry) and enjoyed it. She decided to create one, too, and 1,400 people joined up with her first one!  She enjoys it and the camaraderie that working as a group on something naturally creates. Marly asked if she produces a design as the MKAL progresses (a good question for someone that’s not done one) but Anna says she has finished the design and the pattern is written before it’s the MKAL has begun. Most of her designs are well-known lace shawls. MKALs lend themselves naturally to shawls because there is no worry about fit, (and a little flexibility with gauge) and lace patterns can be broken up and blend themselves when broken into chapters.

Anna submitted her designs for publication and began to consider trying to publish her patterns herself when she began conversing with Shannon Okey at Cooperative Press. Since then, she has had three books published.  The newest book MYSTIC SHAWLS (Ravelry link to view the patterns) is a charted pattern collection of all the knitted lace shawls she’s created for her MKALs, with a few updates but of various shapes and sizes but all absolutely beautiful.

NEW Mystic Shawls book

NEW Mystic Shawls book

She has another Knit-a-Long, The MYSTIC OCEAN SHAWL KAL starts this Thursday. Information about that can be found in her Ravelry Group and at her website. There are about 300 signed up already! Anna sees no end in her future for MKALs as she loves seeing what others create and how we all get through a challenge together.

Anna’s website is where you can connect with whatever is new and cool with her, in her blog, Knit-a-Longs and patterns.

If you were not able to join us to listen live, here is the link in BlogTalk: or you can use this link in iTunes.

Lucy Neatby Knitting Expert and Instructional DVD Pioneer

Lucy Neatby

Lucy Neatby Knitting Expert and Instructional DVD Pioneer was the guest on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird today!

Candian Lucy called in from Nova Scotia, and she shared about her unique colored hair (thanks Marly for asking what the rest of us wonder and allow us to get to the important topic of knitting!) and her world travels while in the Navy. She says during her time in the Navy she became a self-reliant knitter, as there was no one else to consult about knitting. She started hanging out with a fleece artists who asked her to start teaching classes, starting with colorwork. They began with a 3 hour class on Fair Isle, Mosaic and Intarsia. It sounds like they realized that was overwhelming so they broke down into specific topics.

Her neighbor asked her to create a sweater that reflected his heritage which began her design career. What a career it’s become! Just check out her designs listed in Ravelry (probably not all of them) She also created instructional DVD’s which can still be purchased through her website, then won a competition through TKGA that introduced her as a teacher in the US.

Lucy is celebrating her first 3-book: Little Book of Big Holes (link from Ravelry where it can be purchased from too):


A Little Book of Big Holes for Hand-Knitters is a self produced e-book by Lucy Neatby

She has a Craftsy class available on Double Knitting, here is the Marly code: There is another class coming soon on Sock Knitting so stay tuned for that! Very exciting…


Lucy’s website is: In the meantime, she shared that Double Knitting is really calling her. If you follow her on the internet, you’ll see her beautiful work popping up quite regularly.LucyNeatbyZinna


Here is the link in Blogtalk in case you missed it,

Kathy Merrick Crochet and Color Expert


Kathy Merricks Babbette Blanket is what she’s most known for, appeared in Interweave Crochet 2006



Kathy Merrick, Crochet and Color Expert was the guest today on the Yarn Thing with Marly Bird podcast. Most people know her for the Babbette Blanket that appeared in Interweave Crochet 2006 and obviously she is known for use of COLOR!


The Boteh Scarf appeared Interweave Crochet in 2007

Kathy began in yarn as a knitter, her grandmother was a knitter and a crocheter, but she learned to crochet from a book. She is especially inspirational as she is LEFT-handed or EXTREMELY left-handed as she says and she finds that everyday she has to admit things to work for her. Liza Prior-Lucy who worked with Kaffe Fasset on the quilting books. When Trisha Malcolm of Vogue knitting was creating the Knitting-on-the-Go books, and Liza volunteered Kathy to send in hats.

She spent time working near Kaffe Fasset, who tickled her one day by asking HER opinion on what he was working on. Can you imagine, KAFFE FASSET asking YOU about color?

Another wonderful Kathy Merrick design that has been overwhelmingly popular is the Boteh Scarf. Click that link, over 1,000 people have made it, according to Ravelry.

She made the cover of VOGUEKnitting Crochet which was a special edition that sold out quickly. 


Kathy Merrick’s CROCHET IN COLOR was published by Interweave Press in 2009




She spent sometime explaining how she plays with color.  Which makes sense we she  spoke of her book, Crochet in Color from Interweave,  with Kim Werker editing. Her favorite project was the Tiny Motif Sweater in that book.

She’s also been fortunate enough to work with Koigu with their pattern books. In fact that Babbette Blanket was made of Koigu yarns. She is excited about a product they are working on and recommends following them on Facebook. Here is the link in iTunes:


Anne Berk Knitting Expert and Author

Anne Berk Knitting Expert and Author was today’s guest on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird.


Anne started crafting when she was young and tried several things just as a matter of fact. If you wanted a thing, she was of the mind that you made it. She actually learned the knitting technique of intarsia from Lucy Neatby.

Intarsia is defined (according to Wikipedia) as: Intarsia is a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. As with the woodworking technique of the same name, fields of different colours and materials appear to be inlaid in one another, but are in fact all separate pieces, fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.  Anne’s designs define it again, but rather than the usual technique of twisting the stitches around each other a specific way, she teaches a way that she has found is easier for her! Her method her husband named Annetarsia.

She has self-published a book called Annetarsia Knits. (That was the link to Ravelry where you can see the patterns from the book and PURCHASE the e-book which is also available at her website.) Self-publishing does not mean that she did all the work of layout and everything on her own. Ann Budd was the editor, Lucy Neatby authored the forward, Donna Druchunas was project coordinator and the entire process took about three years. Clearly a lot of effort but all done by very talented and knowledgeable people.

AnnesbookShe included designs that are inspired by the area she lives in near Portland, Oregon. ‘Oaks Park Socks’ are inspired by the amusement park down near the Willamette River, which is obvious by it’s giddy whirlwind colorwork, like riding the spinning carnival rides. She also included things that are close to her heart. The childhood paper doll motif of the shawl on the front cover of the book is a perfect allusion to elementary school in the ‘Sandy Hook Shawl’ creating children of EVERY color, and reminds us that everyday presents changes to our lives.

Anne has a wonderful Craftsy Class that works perfectly with her book as she is SHOWING and DISCUSSING her technique. (Please use this code so that Craftsy knows Marly sent you. As a sponsor of the podcast, they want to know!)

In just a few days, Anne will be teaching at Stitches Midwest: so if you’re near the Chicago area….

Anne Berk’s website is and includes more information about her and allows us to keep up with her, so you can subscribe to her blog there.

Knitting Expert Sally Melville

Knitting Expert Sally Melville started knitting in Brownies and without any advanced help, started designing at 10 or 11 she guesses. She focused on Fashion Knitting and found her niche, as most knitting was for Art or Craft. She was teaching at a University, when her teen-age daughter asked her to make a sweater for her boyfriend. As a single mom, while she was working on that sweater, it came time to renew her contract with the university.


She realized that she needed to be home with her children. At the time she was entering the fiber field, it was generally thought interest was dying out. She wondered with Elaine Rowley at XRX how successful she would be when she started with a book

Knitting Experience

The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch, Inspiration and Instruction.  (Amazon Link) This book led to the next and the next and the next….

Knitting Pattern Essential

Here the Amazon link to her latest book Knitting Pattern Essentials: Adapting and Drafting Patterns for Great Knitwear


She loves to do classes, like the Knit to Flatter and Fit, Essential Skills….  She’s cut back to 5 or 6 workshops a year, including a cruise or the bigger events to spend more time with her grandchildren.  She has a Craftsy Class on Intarsia (Here is the Marly code, please use it so that Craftsy knows Marly sent you!) There is another class filmed, we will keep you updated and share that with you when it comes out! 

Don’t forget to stop by Sally’s website: Also, if you’re on Ravelry, check out her list of designs and patterns available there.

Here are the links, if you have not listened to the episode yet: First for Blogtalk radio and the link in iTunes:

PS. Here is the link in iTunes for Sally’s previous visit with Marly, in 2009, for your listening pleasure!

Knitting World Exclusive Interview Kristin Omdahl’s NEW Big Adventure

Knitting World Exclusive Interview Kristin Omdahl‘s New Big Adventure featured lots of REVEALS of what’s new and hot with Kristin who called from her home in Florida!


Let’s start with Congratulations to Kristin for being in TEN years in the the fiber business! And what a long way she has come in such a short time…  Let’s start with her website  You can click on her patterns there or take a peek at the patterns in Ravelry, but notice she now has e-books! Her first ones celebrates her first ten years, divided into two collections, one for Knit patterns and one for Crochet patterns, both AWESOME as they contain SO many patterns, 37 in the knit one and 34 in the crochet! She’s also done a BRAND-NEW book, Beachy One which features 6 patterns that can all be done with one skein of yarn and with your purchase comes a skein of her …

Brand-New YARN! Bamboo So Fine is (description from her website because it sounds so Yummy!) “is spun, milled and hand dyed in the United States of America, this lustrous and silky soft yarn gets even drapier and silkier after hand-washing in your favorite delicate wash. The colors are bright, saturated and inspired by tropical flowers and candy. Each large skein boasts a whopping 650 yards and gives new meaning to one skein projects!” bamboosofineThis is a wonderful fingering weight yarn in such awesome beach colors, Turquoise, Coral, Amethyst, Lavender, Soft Yellow and Raspberry! It wasn’t mentioned in the program but it comes with a sample of Wrapture which is a wash for your hand-knits that Kristin has featured on the Yarn Thing podcast before. The really cool thing that Kristin is proud of is that ALL of her products and their packaging are North American Made (US and Canadian). Kristin has put together a wonderful video that shares descriptions of the patterns in Beachy One and lots of suggestions for how to wear each item.

She’s considering putting together Retreats, featuring crafting, of course, but cooking and yoga, and adding other amenities. Kristin will be putting together a survey, so watch for the opportunity on her Facebook page or the Blog on her website (look for What’s New at the above link) to give your opinion!

The third thing that Kristin waited until today to announce is about the doodling and drawing that she’s always loved. She’s become a fan of Zentangling recently and started to receive suggestions for fabric designs. One of the companies that are very interested in Kristin Omdahl Fabrics is Erin.Lane Bags which is a Yarn Thing favorite product! This news completely left Marly speechless. (Admittedly rare, so I hope you heard that!) These will be announced at Stitches Midwest but they are working toward having them available later on, potentially Stitches East in October… THAT is another reason to stay tuned!

The episode is available in the archives now: and in iTunes