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Tuesday on the YarnThing Podcast with Marly Bird: Eunny Jang!

The lace_0001_300x250_v1career of Eunny Jang has gone from a novice knitter with a blog to editor of Interweave Knits and knit.wear magazines and the former host of Knitting Daily TV; now she’s has a couple knitting classes at Craftsy where she is also sewing editor and couldn’t be more excited to step up her own sewing game.

You can find Eunny in many places including: Ravelry, Craftsy, and her blogs (listed below).

Original Blog Mentioned: See Eunny Knit

Current Blog (not mentioned on air)

Mentioned Patterns: Tangled Yoke Sweater, Venezia Pullover, Endpaper Knits, Entrelac Socks

ETA:Hey everybody, Eunny has a new class at CRAFTSY and it ROCKS! 

love the class and you will too. Eunny is an amazing instructor and perfect for the Craftsy Platform.


And we won’t forget the Giveaway!  Leave a comment on the shownotes below that includes Eunny’s keyword and you will be entered to win Eunny’s craftsy class and 3 independent patterns – the Deep V Argyle Vest, Chuck’s Cabled Socks, and the Anemoi Mittens. A great value so don’t forget to comment!


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  1. Liz Aiello says

    Hi Marly got to listen lively my lunch break. Nothing better than food and knit speak Eunny is an amazing person and I was glad to get to hear what she is up to. As always your amazing!

  2. Melanie Hayes says

    Todays show was great, I am going to take Eunnys Craftsy class on lace now…. I am currently doing a Craftsy class with Ragga, a top down icelandic sweater, When I get to the end it will be the first time I ever steek (ed) anything.

  3. Miranda Gaines says

    I love Eunny, she is so inspiring! I own all the Knitting Daily TV series and have learned so much from them. I’m working on my first stranded mitts right now, but I haven’t tried steek (ing) anything yet. Maybe sometime soon.

  4. says

    My one attempt at a steek was a cabled sock (gone wrong). I over-enthusiastically grabbed multiple patterns from a stitch book and the cuff was too tight for any human foot. My cutting exercise went truly awful and was disposed of eventually into the nearest trash bin as lesson learned. Clearly I need a class :)

  5. Mary Kay Smith says

    My LYS is offering a class on how to steek, so I need to check that out. After watching her on Knitting Daily all these years, I really enjoyed listening to Eunny and finding out what’s next for her. Can’t wait to check out her Craftsy classes!

  6. VickyC says

    Loved the show. I’ve done a steek on a small pocket and a bag and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I must admit I did panic just a bit.

  7. Anne Clark says

    I’ve been crocheting for about 15 years, but I’ve only been knitting for about two and a half years. I was all thumbs with knitting until I took a beginning knitting class at my LYS. That class was a godsend and got me started with knitting. Along the way, in the last two and a half years, I can honestly say that most of what I have learned, and put to good use, has come from watching Eunny on Knitting Daily TV.

    I’m currently half way through a cabled cowl, and I’ve been knitting it WITHOUT a cable needle. I love not having to use a cable needle, I work much faster with out having to juggle three needles. Do you know who showed me how to do that? Eunny did.

    I finished a Lopi sweater about a month ago. It was my first time at trying a sweater, colorwork, and steeking.Talk about a triple threat! When it came time to do the STEEK up the front I was totally freaking out! To cut a huge piece of knitting, which I had been toiling over for a month, just seemed so horribly wrong! It took me about a week to work up the nerve to bring a large, shinny pair of scissors anywhere near that sweater. Do know who gave me the courage to make that first cut? Eunny did.

    I could go on and on about all the things I’ve learned from watching Eunny, but we would be here forever. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be working on my cabled cowl than typing!

  8. Lorinda says

    The only time I have ever used a steek technique was a Mason Dixon Rug knit in the round and felted, once out of the washing machine, steek and wala a rug.

  9. JudyAnn says

    I love to knit lace! Shawls, shawls, and more shawls—I think one can’t have too many. Best thing, they never need a STEEK!

    Marly, you do great interviews!

  10. Audrey says

    Just learned to steel at Stitches East in class with the lovely Anna Zilboorg. Looking forward to taking Eunny’s class.

  11. Linda says

    Enjoyed the show today. There is so much I have yet to learn. I think when the time comes for me to steek something I will be extremely hesitant to cut into my work.

  12. Kate M says

    Thanks for another great show. Eunny’s class seems really great and I would love to take it one day. I have not tried to steek yet, it is quite scary to think about cutting your kitting! One day I will try it but maybe not before the Holidays!

  13. says

    I’m so pleased to listen to this show! :) Steeking is an adrenaline rush, just like blocking lace! I hope I get to take Eunny’s class to hear what she has to say on it.

  14. Rachel says

    Great show! I would love to try out Eunny’s craftsy class! Steeking does seem scary, but I definitely intend to try it someday!

  15. Chaitanya says

    I remember hearing about Eunny’s blog and her famous Endpaper Mitts even before I began knitting. Her blog is simply a treasure trove of information! Now if only I could get over my fear of the steek, I’d make her fantastic fair isle vest!

  16. hotknitter says

    Enjoyed learning what’s going on with Eunny’s career. I have not yet done a steek, but when the time comes I know I won’t be scared. I simply have to find a project I like that requires a steek.
    hotknitter on rav

  17. K says

    Loved the podcast. It was really neat to hear about Eunny’s Craftsy classes. I do not think that I will ever have the courage to steek!

  18. Melissa Vink says

    Loved the podcast!! I have yet to attempt a steek but look forward to it as I love learning new techniques & challenging myself!

  19. says

    When I first started knitting in July I heard someone say steek while I was shopping at my LYS. I didn’t ask then but came home an looked it up… My jaw hit the floor the thought of actually cutting into something I knit freaked me out. I then watched a podcast where the podcaster made this sweater and had to steek it and it was so steek-in cute! I am no longer really scared of it but am not to that level yet but I hope o be soon.

  20. Pam Gest says

    I just recently started knitting again after way too long an absence….A STEEK would be WAY to much for my heart…..but maybe some day!

  21. Bethany Brenner says

    This was my first time listening actually and I really enjoyed it. Eunny is always so inspiring and helps make difficult techniques seem much more doable. I’m sure she could even make a steek seem like something the average knitter could handle.

  22. Cheryl clemons says

    I must admit I have never steek, I think I would be to nervous to do that. I loved listening to Eunny. Enjoyed her on Knittting Daily and wish her luck at Craftsy.

  23. Naomi says

    Really good show and would love to take Eunny’s class. I’ve not done a steek yet but it is something I hope to try soon.

  24. Meta says

    Love Eunny’s clear and concise teaching methods. She is truly gifted, I just bought all 11 seasons of Knitting Daily and then started looking around the web for more Eunny and found her here!

  25. Linda Averill says

    Eunny—will you have any other tv series in the future. I was so disappointed not to see you on Knitting Daily today : < (

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